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Dude looking for special chick

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An unfeminine female character looks like or is thai gay muscle for a male. Sometimes this is to show that she's as tough as a guy, even One of the Boyssometimes to show that she's a Butch Lesbianbut frequently just to show that she's unattractive. Often used for comedy, in which case she may be an Dude looking for special chick Admirer. Supertrope of Bifauxnenwhere a woman looks like an attractive young man, usually with fangirls or fanboys who take obvious notice.

Not to be confused with Sweet Polly Oliverwho is a woman deliberately disguised as a man; Samus Is a Girlwhere dude looking for special chick story is deliberately misleading about the character's gender; or Viewer Gender Confusionwhere there's only out-of-universe confusion.

Sometimes involves a Gender Reveal. Community Showcase More. ,ooking TV Tropes. You need to login to do. Get Known if you don't have an account. Vhick Last Fkr.

Dude looking for special chick

Nagi Ichinose ffor Nyan Koi! She sounds like a gruff-voiced woman, but most assume her to just be a feminine-sounding man. So much so that every guy she attempted to flirt with turned her down, saying they didn't "swing that way.

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Project A-ko: The Alpha Cygnans are an all-female dude looking for special chick of fighter pilots. Most look like normal females from Earth, except for their captain, Napolitalita, and Spy D, who both look and sound like men in drag. Among B-ko's henchmen is Mari, a giant muscle-bound girl spfcial clearly a parody of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star.

In Cafe Kichijoji DeJun has a bunch of macho underlings who resemble gorillas. His co-workers were quite shocked when he tells them that they're dhde girls. Cowboy Bebop: Ed is a girl, dude looking for special chick the rest of the cast doesn't realize until the very end of the episode in which she's introduced.

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Given that she's young enough to lookijg prepubescent and her personality is halfway between Feral Child and Cloudcuckoolander anyway, it doesn't actually affect her characterization. VT the middle-aged space trucker. Cagalli is introduced this way, though she wasn't specifically disguising herself as male.

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People assume she is until it's revealed otherwise, save for Kira who easily figures it. Sir Integra, who dresses in a masculine fashion and is referred to as "sir" despite being female.

Dude looking for special chick

It's explained that this is deliberate on her part, to make people more accepting of her taking dude looking for special chick traditionally male role of the head of the Hellsing Organization.

Nevertheless, this wasn't as apparent at the beginning of the manga, due the fact that she had an impressive bust, but started to shrink in later parts of the manga, and became small chested. spceial

Japanese Girl At The Alaska Station

Zorin Blitz is an even more convincing secial, despite having the Boobs of Steel. Heinekel Wolfe is dude looking for special chick. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers: The supplementary manga revealed that Otto of the Numbers Dude looking for special chick had such a boyish appearance that most of her own Cyborg family were unsure if she had a male or dude looking for special chick body. Ouran High School Host Club: Very early on in Ouran High School Host Clubwhere Haruhi is assumed to be male because of her horny married women in Camden Missouri unflattering appearance.

This continues through the rest of the series, though a proper clothing upgrade makes her into more of a bifauxnen. Under similar conditions, Benibara of Lobelia has a rather masculine face despite dressing more effeminately. The Vaguely Abridged Series parodied this by giving her a craggy man's voice.

Heartcatch Pretty Due Cobraja was shocked while Tsubomi ended up dude looking for special chick slightly ill from the revelation. Axis Powers Hetalia: Fro cuts her hair short to mimic her adopted brother Switzerland.

When the two go walking while wearing the same military oloking, an old lady compliments Switzerland on having fhick adorable younger brother. Cue Liechtenstein groping her chest in shock. This isn't as much of a problem when she wears dresses and a ribbon. Hungary thought she was a boy, and so did Prussia until he realised she had breasts.

However, she looks a lot more female after puberty, when she has longer hair and is often seen wearing dresses. When Sechs from Gunnm still had her female TUNED body, it was easily masculine enough to be confused for male, especially considering the manga's art style.

Compare and contract with the twins, who, despite having the same series TUNED bodies, are easily identified as females. In a flashback from when the Sotomura siblings dude looking for special chick to a store to buy yukatas, each one was given something for the other's gender.

Honey's dude looking for special chick Natsuko's classmates in the original Cutey Honey manga, who are all ridiculously ugly. In Gunsmith Cats we have the psychotic Russian assassin Natasha Radinov she looks like a tall broad-shouldered young massage kent, she covers her rather large breasts with her trench coat most of the time.

This is helped by her wardrobe containing a grand total of two feminine outfits a women's sexy fucking girls at Ferguson Iowa and a maid outfitneither of which she ever wears during the course ashley madison hookup the anime she does wear the maid outfit once in the manga, but she had to pretty much be forced into it.

She even undergoes a Gender Bender at one point, and absolutely nothing about her outwards appearance changes. Kuu from Haibane Renmei ,ooking a young girl with short hair who wears unisex clothes.

She's mistaken for a boy by the man she works for but she doesn't feel the need to correct. With her total lack of Tertiary Sexual Characteristicsthe fox herald Haru from Gingitsune is mistakable for sexy black singles dude looking for special chick boy.

She gets upset when Makoto makes this mistake. Takako Bilda, from The Level Villageris a muscular behemoth who everyone mistakes for a guy at. Her ability to deliver a Fastball Special via arm strength alone doesn't help clear things up. Comic Books. The Dark Knight Men in their late 30s Dude looking for special chick, the new Robin, is mistaken for a boy by the police and the media.

Blue Is the Warmest Color: Ninja Highschool: Sammi is a girl who's forced to disguise herself as a male while living with her uncle, because of a wager her father dude looking for special chick.

When Sammi turned out to be a girl, he raised her as his son, which worked until she reached puberty. Which is when she was sent to live with her uncle, otherwise, her father would have to pay off an enormous debt and go bankrupt.

The Lady Looks Like a Dude trope as used in popular culture. Sweet Polly Oliver, who is a woman deliberately disguised as a man; Samus Is a Girl, where the. In light of what Ashton had to say, I realized that while we're always asking ourselves what men are looking for in a girl, rarely do we consider. Dude looking for special chick Wanting Nsa. Hot Swinger Search Sex Afair Looking For Friends In Clake. Dude looking for special chick. Online: Now. About.

Unfortunately, her look is dude looking for special chick convincing that it's made any hope of having a love life virtually impossible. She briefly dated Lendo, but finally broke up with him due to the problems it created in keeping her gender hidden. Later, she falls for an what makes husbands cheat transfer student, only to have her hopes crushed again when he turned out to be gay and assumed she was too ; not realizing Sammi was a girl in disguise.

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Wonder Woman In Cassie Sandsmark 's earliest appearances she was a geeky tomboy who wore baggy castle rock singles and had dude looking for special chick hair lookinv short in messy spikes, DC editorial even joked about her non-feminine appearance.

Her later appearances did away with this, and in Teen Titans Geoff Johns gave her a moody prom queen aesthetic and attitude. Charlie, the resident fox of Pack Streethas the physique of a guy, dresses like one, and she doesn't act exactly oooking. None of that stops the Dude looking for special chick Tease between her and Remmy.

In A Nude sex games free Tale as InquisitorArturia comes across dude looking for special chick others as handsome rather than beautiful more often than not due to using Merlin's magic to pull off being male for the vast majority of her life in her original world and era. The New Adventures of Invader Zim: In the non-canon spinoff New Adventures: Mature Editionit's established that as a teenagerGaz is so flat-chested and lacking in any other significant curves that she's repeatedly mistaken for a boy.

This really pisses her off. Lady mistakes her for a boy until she hears her voice. She's a female named Sam. Parodied in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

Dodoria looks and sounds like a man, but is actually female, much to everyone's surprise. Films — Animation. In Strange Magic one of the Bog Kings minions is revealed to be a female, much to the surprise of the dude looking for special chick minion who had bumbled through the movie with. Madame Gasket in Robots is mistaken for a man, even down to the voice. The Reveal that she is, in fact, dude looking for special chick woman has some pretty hilarious reactions including the glass that helps protect the housewives seeking hot sex Hayneville shattering.

Done in The Lorax. The title character is about to open a can of fury on a relative of The Onceler's, who objects saying, "You wouldn't hit a woman, would you? Taken Up to Eleven in the animated series, where her being mistaken for a man despite her name obviously indicating otherwise is a Running Gag and she is dude looking for special chick subject to Femininity Failure.

Shrek has Doris, one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters. Emphasis on ugly. She can easily be mistaken by a man on a drag and has an amazingly deep voice. Fiona even once remarks "You go! Films — Live-Action. In Sky HighRoyal Pain is thought to be a guy because of the voice modulator. It is later revealed that she is a she when she finally puts her evil plan into action.