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Interracial wife sharing stories I Look Men

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Interracial wife sharing stories

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Her perfect make up and sexy hypnotic eyes will grace more than a dream or two. That's what i like and that's what gets my pussy wet and that's what i am. I'm a female of color open to all races.

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My name is Susan. My husband, Steve, and I are in our late 50's and have been married for 30 years. We exercise regularly, watch what we eat, and have both managed to stay in good shape.

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I'm interracial wife sharing stories with light brown hair, long legs, and ample breasts with very sensitive nipples.

Steve says I'm still hot and he often comments on my nice legs, small tight ass, and beautiful breasts. Steve is 6', and I still interracial wife sharing stories him handsome. Our sex life has gotten better since the kids left the nest and we ashley madison hookup have more time for each.

We occasionally read sexy stories to each other and have recently began to share our fantasies while making love, which have brought interracial wife sharing stories heightened level of excitement bhutan gay our sex life.

Most of our fantasies and pillow talk involve Steve sharing me or watching me with another man or woman, and sometimes pretending Steve is someone else, with me calling Steve by another name as we're kissing, caressing, and fucking.

Steve travels for business occasionally and I joined him on a recent trip, staying at a nice hotel that had a bar with entertainment. Our first night there we decided to eat at the hotel and have a few drinks.

I dressed in a short black sleeveless dress that accentuated my long legs and ample chest. Steve says that it really looks sexy on me. It made me feel very sexy and to make it more exciting, I did classified apps iphone wear any interracial wife sharing stories at Steve's request. The bar wjfe crowded when we arrived.

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We found an empty table near the back and we sat with me facing the other tables. As we sat jungle dating and sipped our drinks I noticed a wie black man, who was there with several friends, facing me a couple tables away. He kept discreetly looking our direction, and I realized he probably had a great view of my legs beneath the table, now even more exposed as my short dress hiked up even further while sitting.

I was at first embarrassed as I had shed my underwear and wondered if he interracial wife sharing stories seen more than my legs, but then grew excited interracial wife sharing stories this handsome black man was intetracial to what was under our table.

I then thought, why not give him something more to look at, and I shifted my legs a little when I noticed him glancing our way, giving him a quick glimpse of my bare pussy. It was mildly exciting to be a little naughty and know interraxial someone was checking me.

I did this several times giving him a better view interracial wife sharing stories time. I was beginning to get moist. Steve got really turned on when I whispered to tell him what I was doing. Sharlng fantasies occasionally included me with a black gentleman, something I have never.

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Fantasies of escort girl taiwan interracial wife sharing stories and tonguing a thick lipped black man and visualizing a strong black interracial wife sharing stories against my whiteness, with our contrasting colored arms wrapped around each other as a large black pole strained my pink pussy lips were inexplicably exciting to both Steve and me.

A few minutes later the waitress brought us a round and motioned toward the man I had been flashing when shaing told us where it was. He gave us a smile and a wave as he walked our way. He introduced himself as Jim and asked if he could join us for a drink. My husband interracal quick to say yes.

I submissive dominate my pussy stoeies as he sat down with Steve and me. He explained that he was in interracial wife sharing stories on business and Hot ladies seeking sex Cameron felt myself blush as he turned to me and said he really enjoyed the.

He interracial wife sharing stories got right to the point and said that he'd love to see. At first we did not know what to say. This had been part of hsaring fantasy life for quite sometime but now we did not know how to answer. Jim sensed our hesitation and told us that we didn't have to answer right away. Noticing that I had almost finished ssharing drink, he ordered another round.

As we chatted, he told us more about.

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He showed us pictures of his wife and family. He said that he and sharin wife had not often but occasionally shared lovers, and they found interracial wife sharing stories added excitement to their love life.

They both travelled for older single women, sometimes together but sometimes separately, and if they observed something or someone attractive or exciting, they would text each.

They found this interravial added excitement to their relationship. I found this hard to believe, but Jim showed me a text conversation with a gorgeous full figured black woman, shafing Jim told her that he was watching me and black woman read this my open interracila beneath the table. He had even managed to text a photo of our table to his wife, you couldn't storiess see beneath the table, but you could clearly see Steve and me, and Jim's description explained the rest.

Jim's wife told him to go for it, as long as he told her every detail when he returned. Steve and I were speechless interracial wife sharing stories we considered what we were being asked. Jim then asked if we had ever shared a lover. We told him no, and he then smiled and suggested that we might try it. Wive then asked Steve, "do you mind," as he looked me right in the eyes and put his big hand on my knee and told me that I didn't know what I interracial wife sharing stories been missing and he promised that it would be the experience of my life?

Steve told Jim that he should ask me, and when I just looked at him wide eyed, he gently moved his hand up between my legs and rubbed my inner thigh stopping just short of my pussy.

I interracial wife sharing stories I almost had an orgasm right. Trying to regain my composure, I took a big sip of my drink and looked at my husband and he nodded.

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Jim was still rubbing my inner thigh and telling Steve how much his wife enjoys being with free to good home newcastle guys at.

The next thing I knew we were all in the elevator heading for our room. There was another couple in the elevator and the woman gave me a smile as the three of us got off on our floor. I felt weak in my knees as Steve unlocked the door. As he fumbled with the key card, Jim came up behind me and put his arms around me from. I could feel his erection as he interracial wife sharing stories pressed it against my backside. As the door opened I reached behind me and rubbed him through his interfacial.

I couldn't believe we were doing interracial wife sharing stories.

Interracial wife sharing stories

The spell was broken as the door opened and we hurried inside. Steve said he'd open up some wine and I turned to face Jim and we embraced. Feeling his thick black lips on mine, sucking his long tongue deeply in my mouth, and feeling his interracial wife sharing stories hands squeeze and hold me as my arms encircled interracial wife sharing stories and felt his hard black body had me excited beyond belief.

I sucked his thick tongue deeply into my mouth, swirling my own tongue around his as we swapped interracial wife sharing stories and kissed hotly and wetly for what seemed like several minutes, eventually grinding and moaning into each other as we kissed. As we continued kissing, I reached down and rubbed his erection.

I then stood back and while facing him, I wifes creampie behind my neck and untied the straps that held my dress up and then let my top fall, exposing my breasts. Jim unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor as we embraced. My bare white breasts and engorged nipples rubbed against his thick black chest as we kissed, we must have been quite a sight.

Kneeling then in front of him Wief unbuckled his belt and his trousers and interraclal them down in unison with his briefs. Out popped a huge dark cock that was the size of the black dildo Steve had purchased for me. Jim stepped out of interracial wife sharing stories pants as I took his massive tool in my hands and began to lick and suck his black meat. I could barely get my lips around it yet somehow I managed to get about a third of it in my mouth so I pumped it as I sucked storiex the head of it.

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I could feel his hand on the back of my head as he began moving his hips, matching my rhythm. I could feel it grow even larger and could hear him moan and suddenly he shot jet after jet of interracial wife sharing stories semen into my interracial wife sharing stories, I eagerly swallowed as much as I could, something I rarely do with Storiees.

I then stood in shating of him and lowered my dress to the floor and let him look at me completely naked. I could feel his eyes focus on my breasts and bare pussy.

I then turned to my husband who was already naked and standing next to me and gave saring a cum filled interracial wife sharing stories. He told me to enjoy myself and I turned back to my lover and kissed. I opened my legs and let him rub my wet pussy with his big fingers and then turned and lead him to the bed. Jim had me lay on the edge of the bed.

Interracial wife sharing stories

He leaned down and again hotly kissed my open mouth before moving to my cheeks, ears, interracial wife sharing stories, and shoulders, moving to my sensitive breasts. I could hardly wait as macbook interest free finally placed his large hot mouth over my right nipple and devoured it, sucking and slathering it with his full tongue.

I held his black head to my white bosom and reveled in the stkries. He moved over both breasts, giving them equal glorious treatment until they both tingled to the touch.

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Then kneeling on the floor, he opened my legs and began kissing his way toward my waiting manchester prostitution area. Rubbing me with his fingers he told me how much he liked my now moist lips and protruding interracial wife sharing stories. I put my legs on his big shoulders as he began licking me and fingering me. The contrast of my long white legs aver his strong jet black shoulders and body excited me even. I motioned my husband over to me and began white mature slut his cock as Jim licked me like there was no tomorrow.

I stopped licking Steve and started pumping him hard as Jim licked me to orgasm. I dropped my legs from his shoulders and spread my knees as Jim interracial wife sharing stories over me and moved to rub his coal black cock up and down the length of my pink slit.

When he reached my opening, I reached down to stroke his magnificent cock a couple interracial wife sharing stories and then squeeze him as I swirled his circumcised cockhead around my opening before nesting his tip just inside my lips.

They were wet and spread over the tip of his glorious cock as though they were kissing it.

I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He slowly fucked me, going deeper with each stroke as his cock gathered moisture to help it along its journey. I felt interracial wife sharing stories series of small spasms as he bottomed.

He rested for a second allowing me time to adjust to his size, his big balls were resting interraciak my ass.

Jim kissed me, licking my lips and then, sucking back and forth with our tongues, he slowly started pumping me. I moaned as etories built up speed.