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We dug deep into three sexy topics that might be secret to happiness. Contrary to popular belief, freaky sex is good for you.

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According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual MedicinenOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP who like who like bondage, hot wax, and other Fifty Shades of Grey- style kinks scored significantly higher on various mental health tests than their one-position-lights-off counterparts. In that study, BDSM lovers, and non-kinky people were surveyed on their personalities, overall well-being, attachment style, and sensitivity to rejection.

Analysis of the questionnaires revealed nOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP those who embraced the kink were less neurotic, more secure in relationships, had a better time dealing with rejection, and were generally mentally healthier than the vanilla participants. I think we can categorically call bullshit on that one, because people who love so-called "boring" sex are statistically crazier than kinky people.

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Who knew. We already know that bottling up emotions of any kind, including sexual ones, takes a huge toll on mental health, so it only makes sense that kinky people would have better mental health than those who are potentially sexually frustrated. Casual sex.

According to a study of college students conducted by researchers at NOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP and Cornell University, those who admitted to sleeping around reported better general well-being, lower stress levels, and higher self-esteem compared to those who follow the relationship-sex-only rule.

Who would have known that being promiscuous could make you so, so happy?

Now, nOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP thing to keep in mind is that casual sex only makes you RELATIONSHPI happy camper if you do it for the right reasons. Open relationships and polyamory. Most people frown upon polyamory, but little do they know that couples who are in open relationships are way, way happierand more fulfilled than the naysayers.

If nT and openly dating more than one person at a time is your cup of tea, this pertains to you. One of the secret ingredients to a successful relationship is communication, which is where a lot of traditional couples fall short.

Polyamorous couples have a relationship built on honesty, trust, and obviously, openness, so there nOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP no lying or sneaking. Unlike cheating monogamous people.

If nOT A VANILLA RELATIONSHIP Ken really hits it off with polyamorous Stacie, he talks about it with his girlfriend, polyamorous Barbie, who is also dating polyamorous Todd at the same time. Barbie is okay with Stacie, Ken is okay with Todd, and everyone is happy.

The end. So there you have it. It's good for your health.

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